javascript lesson 2 / function to change the value of an element

html element
<p id=”sample_paragraph”> paragraph content </p>

//defining a variable to assign the function

var changeParagraphValue = function ( paragraph_content ){
    //paragraph element is found with its id and assigned to a variable
    var paragraph = document.getElementById(“sample_paragraph”);  
    //innerHTML is the property to receive an element’s html value
    var paragraph_value = paragraph.innerHTML; 
    //printing the first value of the paragraph before we change it
    document.writeln(“first value = “+ paragraph_value + “<br>”);
    //changing the content with the given value
    paragraph.innerHTML = paragraph_content;
    paragraph_value = paragraph.innerHTML; 
    //printing out the new value of the paragraph
    document.writeln(“new value = ” + paragraph_value + “<br>”);

//calling the function to change the paragraph’s content to “new content”    
changeParagraphValue(“new content”);



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