What is the maximum size of a String object in java ?

Question : What is the maximum size of a String object in java ?

Answer :

There is no explicit maximum, but the String API won’t support Strings
longer than Integer.MAX_VALUE (in excess of two billion) characters.
Since characters are two bytes in size, a maximal String would require
more than 4GB of storage. A 32-bit computer cannot even address enough
space for such a behemoth. (It could barely address all the characters,
but not the object overhead. And it couldn’t at the same time address
such trivialities as, say, the operating system kernel.) Thus in
practice, you will run into other limits long before you hit the
hypothetical maximum String size.

All of that is beside the point however. Note well: *anything you are
contemplating that would make use of very large Strings is a BAD IDEA*.
I say that with confidence despite having no other information about
your plan.

ref: http://www.velocityreviews.com/forums/t141739-max-length-of-a-string.html


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