UMLet Eclipse Plugin – How to install standalone and eclipse plugin ?

To install UMLet:

  1. Download and unzip this UMLet zip file somewhere easily accessible.
  2. Double click UMLet.jar (in the unzipped UMLet folder) to run the application.
    • You will probably want to make a shortcut to it.
  3. To create a UML object in UMLet, double-click on an item from the pallette on the upper-right-hand-side.
  4. To put text into the object, select it and then type in the area in the lower-right-hand-side.
    • Get someone to show you if this is not clear — it’s more easily shown than explained.
  5. Further information can be found at

An alternative that some of you might like is their Eclipse plugin that lets you run UMLet from within Eclipse.

  • Download it into the plugins folder inside Eclipse.
  • See for how to create a UMLet diagram in Eclipse.
    • (Quick version:
      1. select a directory in the Eclipse resource navigator;
      2. select “File → New → Other..” from the menu or the context menu;
      3. in the subsequent wizard, select “UMLet → Diagram”.)

In case of above download links are dead here are alternatives, please delete the file extension ‘.jpg’


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