How to download slideshare slides even if it is disabled?

  • 1. Slideshare Download Even when it is disabled!
  • 2. What is this about? I will show you, how to download any author disabled presentations from Slideshare. For free! This article is for informational purposes only. DO NOT violate Slidshare’s terms and conditions!
  • 3. Step 1 Go to the presentation you are trying to download. I will use creating-a-company-you-love from Dharmesh Shah (sorry bro) as an example. It was rated one of the top presentations from SWSX 2013, has over 50,000 views and is not available for download.
  • 4. Step 2 Open the source code view. In Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE you just have to press Ctrl and U at the same time.
  • 5. Step 3 Search for <meta name=”thumbnail” In Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE you just have to press Ctrl and F at the same time.
  • 6. Step 4 Copy the URL in “content” I copy it to Notepad++ but any text editor will do.
  • 7. Step 5 Cut off everything after phpapp01 Note: Sometimes you will get phpapp02 instead of phpapp01. The procedure will be the same. OLD: dharmesh-v3-130309161433-phpapp01-thumbnail-2.jpg?1363127230 NEW: dharmesh-v3-130309161433-phpapp01
  • 8. Step 6 Remove the “ss_thumbnails /“ part OLD: dharmesh-v3-130309161433-phpapp01 NEW: 130309161433-phpapp01
  • 9. Step 7 Add .xml OLD: 130309161433-phpapp01 NEW: 130309161433-phpapp01.xml
  • 10. Step 8 Open the .xml file in your browser In our case, it is startup-2013-dharmesh-v3-130309161433-phpapp01.xml You should see a list of .swf files. Every file represents one slide of the presentation. Save the list of URLs.
  • 11. Step 9 Open PowerPoint and create a new presentation I used PowerPoint 2010 and my screenshots show the German version of PowerPoint.
  • 12. Step 10 Enable the Developer Ribbon An explanation can be found here
  • 13. Step 10 In the developer tab, select the hammer/wrench icon
  • 14. Step 11 In the menu, select „Shockwave Flash Object“
  • 15. Step 12 Press your left mous button an draw a square on an empty slide A square like this should appear. Hint: Make it really large, so it fills the whole slide.
  • 16. Step 13 Right click on the square and select properties A menu like this should appear:
  • 17. Step 14 Where it says “movie”, insert the first .swf-URL In our case that is dharmesh-v3-130309161433-phpapp01-slide-1.swf
  • 18. Step 15 Congratulations, you just loaded the first slide I usually have to start the presentation once for Powerpoint to load the slide.
  • 19. Step 16 Repeat steps 10 – 14 for all others swf- URLs/slides.
  • 20. Step 17 Once you are done, you can save the presentation as .PPT or .PDF.

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