Top free data science courses


Course name

Start date



Introduction to Statistics always available Udacity (4)
Machine Learning 2014-03-03 Coursera (25)
Introduction to Computer Science always available Udacity (28)
Introduction to Databases TBA StanfordOnline (15)
Computing for Data Analysis TBA Coursera (9)
Data Analysis TBA Coursera (11)
Learning from data always available Caltech (2)
Introduction to Data Science TBA Coursera (1)
Data Mining with Weka 2014-03-03 waikato (1)
Data Analysis and Statistical Inference 2014-09-01 Coursera (1)
Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce always available Udacity (0)
Exploratory Data Analysis 2014-03-12 Udacity (0)
Data Wrangling with MongoDB always available Udacity (0)
Intro to Data Science always available Udacity (0)
Statistical Learning TBA StanfordOnline (0)
15.071x: The Analytics Edge 2014-03-04 EdX (2)
The Data Scientist’s Toolbox 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
R Programming 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
Getting and Cleaning Data 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
Exploratory Data Analysis 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
Reproducible Research 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
Statistical Inference 2014-05-05 Coursera (0)
Regression Models 2014-06-02 Coursera (0)
Practical Machine Learning 2014-06-02 Coursera (0)
Developing Data Products 2014-06-02 Coursera (0)

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