How to hard / soft reset blackberry device ?

Question: How to hard / soft reset blackberry device ?


Soft Reset

If your BlackBerry Passport is frozen or not responding, try to perform a soft reset on the device.

Press and hold the Power button for more than 10 seconds until the screen turns off.
Factory Hard Reset

If your Passport is regularly malfunctioning and you can’t seem to figure out why, you may opt to perform a factory hard reset on the device. A factory hard reset will erase all data and settings from the device and restore it to a factory state.

Open the BlackBerry Link software on your computer.
Connect the Passport to your computer via the USB cable.
Select your device within the BlackBerry Link software.
Do one of the following depending on the operating system you are using:
Windows – Select “Back Up & Restore” > “Factory Reset“.
Mac OSX – “BlackBerry Link” > “Preferences” > “Reload” > “Reload“.


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